More Thoughts on Nissan GT-R

Traditionally, Nissan GT-R = JDM Japan, but this might be changing. Would you ever imagine a GT-R not selling big in Japan? Well, there is a small minuscule detail one would never thought could cause so much problems: The width of the car is 189.5cm…

Why would a 190cm width cause a reduction in sales in Japan? Well, that’s easy to explain if you’re from Japan. Since you’re probably not, I’ll explain.

In Japan, every registered vehicle must have it’s own registered parking spot. It not like the West where you just find the closest parking spot to your house (if you don’t have you’re own garage). No, in Japan, if you want to even register a car for driving, it too must have a permanent home.

And that is the problem. In Japan, of course you have the countryside that has plenty of space to park the car, but not necessarily so in the cities. City dwellers (which are just as big fans of the Nissan GT-R, maybe even more so) usually park in multi-level parking carparks, often of the mechanical lift style. These have usually a max-permissible width of 180cm, sometimes 185cm. Since the car is 190cm, it not legally and sometimes physically be parked in such systems.

In a way, Nissan did somewhat of a slap in the face to some of it longtime fans who live in such situations. Why did they do it? Probably they are focusing on making it a super-big hit outside of Japan and adding 5cm doesn’t hurt any and can be very beneficial for the engineers.

So, in the light of the exporting business, this could turn out favorable. There has already been a number of GT-R’s being sold at the Japanese auto auctions, and just recently it’s been legalized to be imported to Australia.

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