Interact on Japanese Import Forum

Hi all readers,

If you need some help on importing Japanese used cars, you should check our sister location:

It a great place for you to ask questions on many topics:

Buying from Japanese auto auctions or from dealer’s/exporter’s stocks, exporting, shipping, importing, customs, and of course, the cars themselves. Share your importing experiences and suggestions with others. You should find me online there everyday if you need help. Because it is a forum, rather than a blog, you should be able to interact a lot more over there. Enjoy!

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41 Responses to “Interact on Japanese Import Forum”

  1. suiforongeriano Says:

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  2. japaneseusedcarimporting Says:

    >>Can I depute all the advice that there is?

    Sure, we’d love you to add to the conversations we good information. If you feel something is wrong, please let us know.

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  14. alkazaider Says:

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