Used Car Exports Up 2007

Japan’s Ministry of Finance gives the used car exports industry a chance to look at snapshots of what progress is being made by giving monthly and yearly statistics. In review of 07, there is some big increases especially in Russia, and an increase year to year from 06.

More details (semi-technical) after the break…

This year’s total vehicle are up at 1,063,327 “Used Passenger Motor Cars” compared to the previous year’s (2006) 889,800 used cars that were counted by Japanese Customs (period is between Jan 01 and Dec 31). That is a 16.32% increase over the last year.

Money-wise: Up from 447,651,643,000 JPY in 2006 to 623,649,819,000 JPY in 2007. That comes out to be a 28.22% percent increase of goods value.

Using those two figures, the average price for an exported car is up 586,508 JPY (or 5,535.29 USD, 3,712.36 EUR) in 2007 compared to the average price of 503,092 JPY (or 4,750.02 USD, 3,185.59 EUR) in 2006 or a 14.22% increase.

Top 20 Countries (according to units sold):

Rank Country Units Exported
1 Russia 441,539
2 New Zealand 91,506
3 United Arab Emirates 80,984
4 Chile 75,915
5 Kenya 31,872
6 South Africa 27,742
7 United Kingdom 23,903
8 Singapore 21,519
9 Pakistan 18,405
10 Malaysia 16,554
11 Mongolia 15,440
12 Bangladesh 14,426
13 Cyprus 13,896
14 Peru 12,176
15 Suriname 11,510
16 Philippines 11,418
17 Tanzania 10,914
18 Uganda 10,548
19 Dominica 8,858
20 Australia 8,713

Russia, considerably ahead of the others, is up at 441,539 units, compared to last years also large 333,016 units.

Overall, a great year with new record levels being accomplished. It will be interesting to see how exporters and importers will react with new laws that are being put into place in countries such as Russia, Peru, New Zealand, and Ireland.

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3 Responses to “Used Car Exports Up 2007”

  1. accident compensation claim Says:

    Whats the rank of India ?

  2. japaneseusedcarimporting Says:

    India is quite low. I’ve double checked on Japan’s MIF website. In the year 2007 94 used cars were exported at a value 276,153 Thousand Yen (JPY). That would rank it at 92nd place within all the 173 Countries that have been exported to.

    In the last month of 2007 (December), 12 used passenger motor cars were exported. Note that the statistics are based on “Passenger cars”, not vehicles. That doesn’t include the many other vehicle exports that may be more popular/more easily imported for particular countries.

    As for India, only personal imports are allowed. Personal imports are when people are coming to India from abroad to live there and bring their car with them. For more information about India,

  3. japaneseusedcarimporting Says:

    For more statistic information:

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