Trade Statistics For Used Car Export From Japan

Big Changes from Dec 07 to Jan 08

Singapore: ↓ from 1760 to 1034 (units)
Malaysia: ↓ from 2333 to 1019
Indonesia: ↑ from 39 to 631
Pakistan: ↓ from 1204 to 461
Bangladesh: ↓ from 1800 to 1181
UAE: ↓ from 9272 to 6814
Russia: ↓ from 38124 to 26017
Cyprus: ↓ from 2288 to 651
Peru: ↓ from 7068 to 44
Chile: ↓ from 7068 to 3249
Kenya: ↓ from 1660 to 948
Tanzania: ↓ from 1477 to 768
South Africa: ↓ from 2862 to 1778
New Zealand: ↓ from 8427 to 6426
Total: ↓ from 98591 to 63968

While there is a drop from December to January, this is what to expect during the post-holiday slump. Some of the reason for the downturn have been reported such as Eastern Africa, Russia, New Zealand. New-car lobbyists have made unfortunate progress in a number of states (see NZ, Malaysia, Philippines) but the largest market, Russia, continues to lead strongly. A majority of the biggest changes are mere seasonal fluxes. 

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