Samoa converts to RHD

On 18 April, a Samoan law was passed that will now make driving on the left with RHD vehicles the proper way to drive on roads. This is good news for Japanese used exporters and importers who just a few years ago were banned from selling non-LHD cars in Samoa. This will be implemented somewhere in mid-2009.

Previously, only LHD vehicles were importable to driven on the right side of roads. This made it difficult to get a car as major markets around Samoa (New Zealand, Australia, and Japan) have cheap used RHD vehicles. Now, Samoans will be able to get more affordable cars.

Additionally to this new law, the government is also considering extend the age limit for importing used cars. Currently a car can be imported at an 8 years maximum age, but the prime mister’s plans would extend it to 12 years old.

This and next few years will bring a significant number of cars traded as people will start to trade in the LHD vehicles for RHD vehicles. Exporters can look forward to 2009.

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3 Responses to “Samoa converts to RHD”

  1. Sean Says:

    In australia we have alot of ex goverment public transport buses that are to old to be able be used as public transport in samoa and they are right hand drive. alot of buses have reconditioned motors in them so why can’t they sell them to the bus company’s in samoa and alot of bus company’s in australia would love it

  2. Sean Says:

    it would be great to sell second hand cars like holdens, ford falcons to sell to samoa and a great idea for somone who wants to sell there car privetely and it is a good idea for someone who starts a busness in australia to buy and sell ex police and goverment and rental cars. rental car company’s in australia would love to sell cars to samoa and even ex rental buses, trucks and utes

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