Car Watch: Toyota Regius and Vans

In continuation of our series, the Toyota Regius is a van made in Japan that is often exported throughout the world. There are many different sub-models that you’ll be able to find. That means you can find passenger versions, cargo models, a combo passenger/cargo type. Also they can be extended in length and height, they can be Deluxe versions, or stripped versions (useful for business purposes). You can also find many of them have duel sliding doors. There many choices to choose from (something you’ll see typical in Japan), and if the Regius styling isn’t your taste, there also many other van and people/cargo movers that are available in Japan.

For example, JCarBuys has a 2000 Toyota Regius Super GL with some photos available:

LH172 - 2000 Toyota Regius エース V Super GL D - white2 LH172 - 2000 Toyota Regius エース V Super GL D - white2 LH172 - 2000 Toyota Regius エース V Super GL D - white2 LH172-0036331-1 LH172-0036331-2 LH172-0036331-3

When you are looking for quality used vans and cargo/people movers, Japan offers many vehicles of various sizes, uses, and designs. Japanese used car exporters are often more than willing to help you purchase such vehicles.

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4 Responses to “Car Watch: Toyota Regius and Vans”

  1. harish kerai Says:

    Dear sir im looking for toyota regius car passenger type 4wd diesel engine latest model.I want white in colour or any Brigth colour.Your assistance will be highly appreciated
    Thankyou Harish Kerai

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  4. Erin Says:

    Taller de títeres.

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