Russia Tightens Used Car Imports

In follow up to our previous blog post, we can confirm used car imports to Russia will have an increase in import duty.

As it was expected, Vladimir Putin has signed the governmental regulation on the increase of import duty on used cars to Russia. The regulation comes into effect in one month since the day of its official promulgation. It is informed that this duty is constituted for the period of 9 months concerning import of automotive engineering, trucks and automobiles.

Import duty on used cars aged from 1 to 5 years rises from 25 to 30 %.

For those who have been importing, you might notice it says 5 not 7 years. Here more on that:

The most disputable question is reduction of maximal import age of cars from 7 to 5. Cars over 5 years will be imposed from 2.5 to 5.8 Euro per 1 ccm import duty. Taking into consideration governmental measures taken on prohibition of car bodies with following parts it is evident that automobile market of Primorye will have hard times soon.

On the positive side, it looks unlikely that RHD (ie Japanese) vehicles will be banned. It is being discussed, but most authorities agree that to ban them would cause to much havoc in the Far East regions of Russia:

…the State Duma authorities discuss the question on imposition of technical regulations on prohibition of right-hand drive cars. But according to the talks of the governor of Primorsky region Sergey Darkin and Secretary of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation Viktor Hrystenko, it is unlikely to happen.

– Source: Vladivostok News

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5 Responses to “Russia Tightens Used Car Imports”

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